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Desperandum is a psychological horror game that was created for the 5ª development marathon of Academia de Produção de Jogos. The game is an MVP (minimum viable product) and for this reason still need some improvements but we garantee that you'll have fun and take some scares!

Please, feel free to leave a comment below to help us improve Desperandum.


DesperandumWin.zip 186 MB


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This game takes time to load. Please have pacience. Thanks!

Este jogo demora um pouco para carregar. Por favor seja paciente, obrigado!


For games of this size I strongly recommend making it available for download. Thanks

Thank you for the comment!
Playable in the browser was a requirement of the GameJam.
But now we uploaded a version to play it in Windows, so feel free to download it.
Please leave a comment after playing so we can keep improving the game. Tks